Coronavirus (COVID-19) Update:                                June 2020                   

             Phased Re Opening of Victoria Road                  Dental Care           

We are pleased to announce the slow and cautious reopening of our practice shortly.

We hope this update finds you and your family in the best of health.


We understand how difficult it has been for all of us during this period of enforced closure.


It has not been easy changing the way we work to telephone consultation and triaging but we are pleased to have been available throughout the whole lockdown for any of you who have needed us.


We are looking forward to seeing you face to face again although there are many processes to follow which are now necessary as COVID-19 is still contractable.


It is important to note that although there has been some relaxation of measures by the government, we are still in a level 4 (serious) level of the pandemic, with level 5 (critical) being the highest. This means that there is still significant risk of infection to all.


We will be taking many extra steps for all our safety.


Appointments will not be like before and we will have a careful protocol. We are unfortunately still restricted in terms of certain procedures that we can perform. We will be triaging patients and carring out a full individual risk assessment to determine the urgency of need.


We will be zoning our diaries to set set aside time for specific procedures which will mean less flexibility in appointment availability. Please wait for our team to contact you for an appointment. Appointments that are already in the book may need to be resheduled. We shall be in touch if this is the case.


Whilst many things have changed, we want to reassure you that we remain committed to your safety and positive experience in our practice. We have always maintained the highest standards of infection control. These extra measures that we have invested in will provide reassurance to us all.


We are very much looking forward to seeing you all in this staged return. We will continue to be available for urgent telephone advice as before.


Kind regards


Dr Davies, Dr Brummitt, Dr Kumar.


Managing Toothache at home
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              Coronavirus (COVID-19) Notice                    

As you will no doubt know, under Government regulations from NHS England, we are not allowed to carry out routine dentistry for the time being.

Please don’t worry. Our primary focus is to support you during this time.

We are not cancelling any treatments: just postponing them until we are permitted to go back to full operation.

We are rebooking appointments in a few months time and we will contact you in due course to rearrange these appointments.

Please be reassured that we will remain available for you for emergencies, although there will be a slightly different protocol to follow.

We will advice you all to please follow the government guidelines about social distancing and take extra care to distance yourselves in public places such as supermarkets, if you must go out.

We have compiled some recommendations to follow with some helpful hints to benefit your oral health.


Thank you for your support and understanding at this difficult time.


Tooth and Mouth Care


Please follow all the advice that your dentist has previously discussed with you.

It is most important to brush your teeth and to floss and / or use Interdental brushes at least once per day.

Always brush & floss/Interdental at the end of each day.

Use fluoride mouthwash at different times of the day to brushing.

Please take care with your choice of food. It may be wise to avoid hard nuts/muesli at this time to minimize the risk of breaking a tooth.

Please monitor sugar intake of children as well. Sweets, chocolate, fizzy drinks are fine in small amounts, perhaps once or twice a week, as long as the teeth are cleaned thoroughly.

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